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The best method to learn is to
simulate all of the experiences!

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Why we build Letsplay?

LetsPlay Indonesia believes that there is a great fun way of learning. doesn’t have to be boring and playing games doesn’t have to be always on screen using gadget.

LetsPlay Indonesia use a learning method called game based which use games for learning a lot of new things such as useful skills and new knowledge. From there, learning can be so much more fun and a lot less stressful.

why we build

Effective learning is fun learning, including in business training.

In classical training, participants are always invited to learn in a one-way atmosphere, so participants tend to be passive. Based on this phenomenon, LetsPlay Indonesia creates training innovations using the Game-Based Learning method. Through Game-Based Learning we can provide a stimulus to three important parts of learning, namely Emotional, Intellectual, Psychomotor. That way learning will be obtained more easily.

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Game-Based Learning

LetsPlay Indonesia facilitates learning sessions and strengthening business skills for corporations through simulations, role-plays, board games, and digital games with learning points, as follows:

What is Game-Based Learning?

Game-Based Learning is used to increase participants interest on learning new ideas and knowledge. if the interest increases, then the participants will do a lot better at learning new ideas. Not only to increase their interest but also to maintain their motivation. Motivation will increase when the game used for playing gets harder because of the increased on the difficulty thus providing a constant feedback for engagement and understanding.

Learning using games can also be a great way to learn about decision making because of game-based learning creates a real-life situation where participants can learn about how to interact and make a decision with the environmental simulation.

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