Game Facilitator

2-3 Hours

Monday to Sunday





Facilitation refers to a non-authoritarian, less teacher-centred and more group-oriented instruction method. Instead of using ready-made teaching content, the instructor will do their best in highlighting participants’ own interests. A facilitator helps team members to find their own wisdom and inspires them to explore the discussed topics from many different angles. Instead of ready-made answers, a facilitator uses questions and activating tasks. The boardgames we used can act as such reflection-activating tasks, which do not provide the “right answers” or factual data, but rather to encourage participants to look for more information.

The facilitator’s task is also to assist the group to work effectively. In order to support this, for example introductory assignments and small group activities can be used. Furthermore, the facilitator plays a key role in evaluating the success of the activities through participatory and discussive methods.



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