Dekan Cup - Entrepreneur Business Competition

Entrepreneur Business Competition is one of the events in the dean cup held by FEB UB, and the event is hosted by LetsPlay.






Years old

Event Detail

Entrepreneur Business Competition is a learning event using the game method in the form of competition, which aims to carve out achievements and map the potential of students. This event itself was organized by FEB UB, and guided by LetsPlay.

Types of games played such as arcquire, chinatown, business craft, etc. This competition will be held twice a week, namely on Saturday and Sunday. Which is then divided into 2 sessions, and will be added up at the end of the session, for the team with the most points will win the game.


1. Get material on the use of game-based learning as an educational medium.
2. Using existing games to help the learning process and make the learning atmosphere more interactive.
3. Can add insight


1. UB students
2. 1 team consists of 5 people

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