Re-Play: Relax, Learn, and Play is a session by Lets Play Indonesia to learn by exploring many new things and also a new fun way to learn through various kinds of boardgames as well as topics ranging from business mindset, financial management and negotiation.






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Event Detail

Re-PLAY is online and offline game-based learning session for young generation in East Java to develop their entrepreneurship skill with “relax, learn and play” atmosphere. We believe that game-based learning is an effective tools to develop 21st century skills (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration), that  are very important to survive in business and industry. In practice, the board game used adapts to several specific topics in each session, such as business mindset, financial management and negotiation.


1. Can Be a Great Way to Bond with Others
2. Helps in Reducing Stress in Various Ways.
3. Build Memory, Logic, and Reasoning.
4. Can Teach and Strengthen Various Skills.


1.  Minimum 10 participants.
2. The event is held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
3. Minimum age 18+ years.

How to register

1. Contact LetsPlay via this Whatsapp number
2. Determine when the date of the play session, the number of participants, and the topics to be used.
3. Wait for LetsPlay to call you back, make sure your number is always active.

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